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Trumbull COUNTY

Published: Sun, May 30, 2004

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Marriage licenses

Douglas F. Bacconi, 23, of 3674 Gardner-Barclay Road, Farmdale, and Abbey L. Miller, 26, of 9311 state Route 193, Farmdale.

Jeremy D. Ritenour, 22, of 5225 Grand Blvd., Newton Falls, and Ashley S. Best, 19, of 38 W. Broad St. # 2, Newton Falls.

Jason L. Rodriguez, 27, of 814 Tod Ave., Warren, and Lora M. Watson, 21, of same.

Roger L. Allen, 30, of 38 N. Cedar St., Niles, and Amanda L. Wrobleski, 25, of same.

Ryan G. Brewer, 18, of 165 Elm Road S.E., Warren, and Jill M. Walker, 24, of same.

Michael A. Pannunzio Sr., 50, 237 Catherine St., Youngstown, and Sharon Davis, 48, of same.

Matthew F. Dimos, 20, of 449 Westchester, Warren, and Collette C. French, 21, of 422 N. Crandon, Niles.

Stephen H. Ward, 43, of 2055 Greenville Road, Bristolville, and Lisa Y. Knowles, 41, of 11056 state Route 44, Unit K, Mantua.

Michael A. Burdess, 39, of 300 S. Nichols , St. Clair, Pa., and Cheryl E. Dawson, 44, of same.

Joshua A. Johnson, 26, of 9695 Matty Road, Salem, and Diane M. Stewart, 21, of 7203 Corinth Court Road, Warren.

Clinton T. Kistler, 29, of 2122 Robbins Ave., # 301, Niles, and Allyson M. Klippel, 25, of same.

David A. Kimball, 27, of 5516 Muirfield Village Circle, Lake Worth, Fla., and Trisha M. Ross, 27, of same.

LaVaile D. Richardson, 25, of 2858 Parkway Circle, Sterling Heights, Mich., and Amber M. Brown, 23, of same.

James J. Young Sr., 54, of 2980 N. River Road S.E., Warren, and Diana R. Antos, 54, of same.

Ronald E. Mahan, 61, of 5208 Copeland, Warren, and Ethel L. Bidinotto 52, of 3480 A. Ivy Hill Circle, Cortland.

David J. Gallison Sr., 29, of 3025 Robinwood, Warren, and Kelli A. Hughes, 29, of 399 Atwood St., Warren.

Cruz R. Rosario,,71, of 414 S. Davis St., Girard, and Lori A. McBride, 35, of same.

Dennie Pauley Jr., 61, of 817 Tod Ave. S.E., Warren, and Bonita G. Mink, 49, of 3100 Beal St. N.W., # 10, Warren.

Eric D. Fontaine, 23, of 349 West Liberty St., Hubbard, and Wretha R. King, 25, of same.

Michael L. Hilliard, 30, of 1607 Arlington Arms, #34, Niles, and Rhonda M. McBee, 24, of same.

Divorces asked

Jennifer Dargan vs. William J. Dargan.

Merinda Stephenson vs. David P. Stephenson.

Wendy Boyce vs. Dean Boyce.

Sherrie Cardona vs. Moises Cardona.

Diana M. Dougan vs. Christopher T. Dougan.

Perry Lancaster vs. Mary E. Lancaster.

Christina Elkins vs. Billy W. Elkins.

Rosendra Hines vs. Harold S. Hines.

Frances Grantz vs. Charles R. Grantz.

Frank Mikusevich vs. Kimberly Mikusevich.

George Stosky vs. Stephanie Stosky.

Theresa Buckner vs. John H. Buckner.

Kathy Wanzek vs. Todd A. Wanzek.

Stacia Pascale vs. Pietro S. Pascale.

Billy W. Elkins Jr. vs. Christina M. Elkins.

Luanne Marsco vs. Michael Marsco.

Divorces granted

Patricia A. Nypaver vs. Eric M. Nypaver.

Scott Griffin vs. Carolyn Griffin.

Stephanie Lomax vs. Marcus Lomax.

Janet Kinsman vs. Robert Kinsman.

Diann L. Coy vs. Raymond Coy.

Margaret L. Schall vs. Arthur D. Schall.

Douglas Wheeler vs. Heather L. Wheeler.

Sandra Divito vs. Lou Divito.

Lydia Lawson vs. Andrew J. Lawson.

Thomas Guesman vs. Mary L. Guesman.

Dismissals granted

Elaine Wilcox vs. Douglas L. Wilcox.

Amy Jones vs. Williams J. George Jr.

Lisa Palmer vs. Richard Palmer.

Civil Protection Orders

Nikeya Honeywood vs. Robert Rucker.

Dissolutions asked

Michael Polivka and Jacqueline Polivka.

Sarah Rowe Gatanas and Konstantinos P. Gatanas.

Valorie Kendall and Stephen M. Kendall.

Jeanette Jaffee and Seth R. Jaffee.

Dissolutions granted

Charmaine M. Karabin and John M. Karabin, wife restores name to Revella.

Kenneth Kastenhuber and Wendy Kastenhuber.

June M. Calhoun and Cecil H. Calhoun Jr.

Gregory Sop and Tricia L. Sop.

Vincent Davis and SheldrayDavis.

Ronald Doran Jr. and Brenda L. Doran.

James Ramsey and Melissa Ramsey.

John Sullivan and Paula Jo Sullivan.

Terry M. Placer and Leslie J. Placer.

New complaints

Paula Stump vs. John Schultz, professional tort.

Washington Mutual Bank vs. Mark S. Scoville, foreclosure.

Countrywide Home Loans vs. Albert Sipka, foreclosure.

Charles Morgan vs. GM National Benefit, workers' compensation.

James Shugart vs. Van Huffel Tube, workers' compensation.

Thomas Jones vs. GATX Rail Corp., workers' compensation.

Larry Adkins vs. C. James Conrad admr., workers' compensation.

Emanuel Nites vs. John P. Novelli, other torts.

Brian Conrad vs. John Jackson, other torts.

First Resolution vs. Joan C. Saltzmann, other civil.

Mortgage Electronic vs. Rose A. Gwin, foreclosure.

Robert H. Roberts-Clark vs. Karen King et al, foreclosure.

Robert H. Roberts-Clark vs. Marlin D. Ford, foreclosure.

Trumbull County General vs. Tracy D. Claus, other civil.

Trumbull County General vs. Eric Dunn, other civil.

Ace Ins. Co. vs. Ke Chai Chen, other civil.

Joanne Spell vs. Forum Health Enterprises, other torts.

Larry Sebastiani vs. George M. Riley, other civil.

Household Realty Corp. vs. Susan Ragozine, other civil.

Ameriquest Mort. vs. Ernest L. Eckart, foreclosure.

National City Bank vs. Edward Hood, other civil.

Clarissa Mills vs. Eric Ulbright, other torts.

Patrick Calderone vs. Geri Taczak, other civil.

Engintec Corp. vs. Christopher Miller, other civil.

Cori I. Direnzis vs. Adam G. Myers, other torts.

Al Ady and Sons vs. Thomas Stiver et al, other civil.

Peter Dillon vs. Ohio State Adult Parole, other civil.

Wells Fargo Financial vs. Bonnie J. Baniecki, foreclosure.

Michael Kohn et al vs. David Schultz et al, other civil.

State Farm Mutual Auto vs. Jason E. Thompson, other civil.

MBNA American Bank vs. Melvin Roper, other civil.

Grange Mutual Casualty Co. vs. Renee E. Wilson, other civil.

Alice Hoagland vs. Western Reserve Health, workers' compensation.

Citifinancial Inc. vs. John P. Trobek et al, foreclosure.

Anh Chan Tran vs. Daniel R. Warner ind., other civil.

John D. Roman vs. Martin W. Fisher, other civil.

Mary E. Spence vs. Bradley Stinson, other civil.

Kenneth Miller on behalf vs. Samuel Miller, other civil.

Carol Hinton vs. Lube Stop, other torts.

Hiram College vs. Melany Lickwar, other civil.

Ian Wilcox vs. Lisa Stankiewicz, other civil.

Key Bank USA vs. Vicki Bonk et al, foreclosure.

1st Investors Financial vs. Karen Palmer et al, replevin.

Mark A. Minor vs. Donald Burns, other civil.

Helen L. Albert vs. Eddie Williams, other civil.

Robert Harned vs. Robert Cregar, other torts.

Christ Michelakis vs. Teresa Brown, foreclosure.

Ohio Clear Title Agency vs. Richard P. Faber et al, other civil.

Ohio Clear Title Agency vs. Kenneth Stassinis, other civil.

Chase Manhattan Mtg. Corp. vs. Charles Lovitz, foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Bank vs. James R. Fleeger et al, foreclosure.

Valerie Boyce vs. Michael J. Marletto, other civil.

State Farm Fire vs. Yvonne Keylor, other civil.

Michael Schulz vs. Kristi R. Webb, other torts.

Tri State Ins. Comp. vs. Angelina R. Kerfoot Trust, other civil.

Nicholas Minnella vs. Jeremy Johnson, other torts.

Sagres Co. Assignee vs. David L. Evans Jr., other civil.

Boards of Trustees vs. Rhino Excavating, other civil.

Shayen George vs. BMW of North America LLC, other civil.

Michelle Charvat vs. Joseph A. Potocki D.O., professional torts.

Wells Fargo Financial vs. Michael Cimbanin, foreclosure.

Kenneth Miller on behalf of Samuel Miller, other civil.


Carol D. Mozzillo vs. Westfield National Ins. Co., settled and dismissed.

Thomas Rink vs. Basinger Auction Center, settled.

Bank of New York vs. William Bower et al, dismissed.

Dianna Beeson vs. Lou Ann David, dismissed.

Green Tree Servicing LLC vs. Steven Woolacott et al, foreclosure.

Paul Scharba vs. James Andrew Scharba, judgment for plaintiff.

Green Tree Servicing LLC vs. Barbara L. Freeman, foreclosure.

R.H. Donnelly Publishing vs. Jeffrey Goodman, settled.

Seven Seventeen Credit vs. Richard J.Koehn, foreclosure.

Bank One vs. National vs. Bruce Vaughn, bankruptcy.

First Place Bank vs. Ronald J. Martin estate, foreclosure.

Susan Abbatte vs. George A. Danes, dismissed.

Citifinancial Mortgage vs. Robert Difford, foreclosure.

Wells Fargo Home Mtg. Co. Inc. vs. Matthew Adams et al, foreclosure.

Home Federal Savings vs. David A. Fowler, dismissed.

Joanne Scissum vs. GMAC, settled and dismissed.

Joyce Coleman vs. Joseph Petrek, dismissed.

Regions Mortgage Inc. vs. Regina Stewart, dismissed.

Household Realty Co. vs. Charles Jewell, confirmation of sale.

Provident Bank vs. William P. Fox, confirmation of sale.

Mortgage Electronic vs. Jacob Sperry, confirmation of sale.

Deutsche Bank National vs. John W. Baxter et al, confirmation of sale.

Raymond J. Masek vs. Citigroup Inc., dismissed.

Bank One vs. Kenneth R. Welch, confirmation of sale.

Bane One vs. Robert Gore, confirmation of sale.

Joann Scissum vs. GMAC, settled and dismissed.

Andrian L. Johnson vs. Rose A. Brown, dismissed.

John A. Rencewicz III vs. Avinash D. Bhatia, settled and dismissed.

Vincent Ciarlitto vs. Sheri Forreter, settled and dismissed.

Liberty Savings Bank vs. Rebecca L. Dudo, foreclosure.

First Place Bank vs. Alexandra M. Archer, foreclosure.

Sky Bank vs. Christopher Bell, satisfaction on judgment.

Sky Bank successor vs. Edward J. Slattery, confirmation of sale.

Angela Barela vs. Janice Ryan, settled.

Washington Mutual Bank vs. Jared T. Jenyk, foreclosure.

Equicredit Corp. vs. Joseph E. Seman, confirmation of sale.

US Bank National vs. Bobby D. McKinnon, foreclosure.

Steve Anderson vs. Glorious Homes Inc., settled.

Equity One Inc. vs. John Stringer et al, confirmation of sale.

Christ Michelakis vs. Robert Sharpe, confirmation of sale.

Chase Manhattan Mortgage vs. Patricia Hunt, confirmation of sale.

George Heiser vs. Dorothy L. Curtis, settled and dismissed.

Rose Duche vs. Wi I. Hsu et al, dismissed.

Robert Sutton vs. Emmor F. Snyder Esq., dismissed.

Bobbi Jo Bell vs. Joseph Cupan, settled.

Larry E. Smith Jr. vs. Eastwood Mall Corp., settled.

Mortgage Electronic vs. Robert Marsh Sr., confirmation of sale.

Chase Manhattan Mortgage vs. H. Lee Beatty et al, confirmation.

Discover Bank vs. Rose M. Innocenzi, dismissed.

Frederick Vizi vs. Indalex Inc., settled.

Mortgage Electronic vs. Lori L. Rudy, foreclosure.

Washington Mutual Bank vs. David A. Greene et al, foreclosure.

Chester Nelms Sr. vs. Trinity Industries Inc., settled.

First Place Bank vs. Michael Zydyk, dismissed.

Randall J. Hake et al vs. Daniel C. Cadle et al, bankruptcy.

Kenneth Richmond vs. Paul Whitfield, dismissed.

Beneficial Ohio Inc. vs. Dennis A. Hofstetter, foreclosure.

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