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Published: Sat, May 29, 2004


Marriage licenses

George A. Sims, 31, of 3854 Murray Ave., Campbell, and Monifia M. Robinson, 27, of 113 Jean St., Campbell.

Shawn D. Conroy, 25, of 152 N. Roanoke Ave., Austintown, and Kristin A. Martin, 24, of 5538 London Court , Austintown.

Robert D. Carcelli III, 23, of 409 Edison St., Struthers, and Erin L. Bloomberg, 22, of 264 Hopewell.

Divorces asked

Patricia J. DeJane, 1440 Columbiana-Lisbon Road, Columbiana vs. James DeJane, 5178 W. Garfield Road, Salem.

Abdalla Shakharreh, 1520 Market St., Youngstown, vs. Cheryl Shakharreh, 1251 Sheilds Road, Boardman.

Dissolutions asked

Jessie L. Lovell, 230 E. Walnut St., Lowellville, and Erica C. Lovell, 630 Lincoln Ave., Struthers.

David J. Hamrock , 1409 Humbolt Ave., Youngstown, and Noreen Hamrock, 29 S. Cadillac Drive, Boardman.

Roseann Protain Prachick, 568 Spring St., Struthers, and Joseph E. Prachick, 2797 Rosemont Road, North Jackson.

New complaints

Qualchoice Inc. vs. Phar-Mor of Ohio Inc. et al, money.

Michael Bartholomew vs. Flex-Strut Inc. et al, workers' compensation.
National Check Bureau Inc. vs. Fred Ingram, money.

Asset Acceptance LLC vs. Lisa M. Gmitter, money.

National Check Bureau Inc. vs. Michelle Rovnak, money.

MBNA America Bank vs. Lori Wiland et al, money.

MBNA America Bank vs. Michael Peretti, money.

National Check Bureau vs. Samuel Weddle, money.

National Check Bureau vs. Thomas Flores, money.

Daniel Moucha vs. ACA Builders Inc. et a, workers' compensation.

Rebecca C. Heckel vs. Delvet R. Ballard et al, money.

Robert Mauldin et al vs. Mary Calderon, money.

Fifth Third Mortgage Co. vs. Lynnise Wells et al, foreclosure.

American Southern Ins. Co. vs. JNH Trucking Inc., money.


State of Ohio vs. James L. Smith, sentenced to four years and three years for firearm specification; to be served concurrently.

State of Ohio vs. Demetrious Rich, two years' monitored community control; six months' driver's license suspension.

State of Ohio vs. Melissa Thomas, three years' monitored community control.

State of Ohio vs. James E. Borell, one year' probation; random alcohol and drug testing.

State of Ohio vs. Gisella M. Van Meter, ordered to complete supervised treatment program for period of three years.

State of Ohio vs. John E. Drummond, jury recommended death penalty; counts 1 and 3 merged with 10 years on each count to be served consecutively.

State of Ohio vs. Misty Raye Truelove, two years' monitored community control.

State of Ohio vs. Mona E. Brown Williams, two years' supervised community control.

State of Ohio vs. Calvin Hall, sentence suspended; two years' probation.

State of Ohio vs. Orabelle J. Neff, sentence suspended; one year' probation.

State of Ohio vs. Eric Hall, court reimposes three-year community control.

State of Ohio vs. Joshua Middleton, two years monitored community control.

Musa H. Alhamid vs. General American Ins., settled.

George Gindratt et al vs. Holly Hutchinson et al, settled and dismissed.

Katherine McDonald vs. Kane Lawn Service et al, settled and dismissed.

Janet Bonner et al vs. Sandra Block et al, settled and dismissed.

Cambridge Co. vs. Lucille Vukovich et al, settled and dismissed.

Kelly McCabe vs. Cochran's Sparkle Market et al, settled.

Board of Mahoning County Commissioners vs. Margaret Harkins et al, settled and dismissed.

Altercare of Alliance Center vs. Clarice Windland et al, settled and dismissed.

The Cafaro Co. vs. Nutty Bavarian of Erie Inc., judgment for plaintiff.

Joyce Mayer et al vs. Anthony Lewis et al, judgment for plaintiff.

Glenda Swesey vs. Bud Barger as admr. of estate, settled and dismissed.

Bank One N.A. vs. Darlene E. Sakmar et al, judgment for plaintiff.

James A. Marino et al vs. St. Elizabeth Health Center et al, dismiss Catholic Healthcare Partners only; case continues.

MBN American Bank vs. Phillip Atsas, judgment for plaintiff.

St. Paul Ins. Co. vs. Musa Alhamid et al, settled.


Marriage licenses

Robert W. Crosby, 59, of 2809 East River Road, Newton Falls, and Molly M. Raniolo, 46, of same.

Jason M. Jordan, 23, 2888 Mogadore Road #C-16, Akron, and Nicole E. Stolic, 20, of 1038 Waugh Drive, Hubbard.

Michael P. Crummel, 20, of 1741 County Line Road, Mineral Ridge, and Jessica M. Fitch, 19, of 536 Wyoming Ave., Niles.

Kerry E. Rhodes, 29, of 3224-C Woodland Trail, Cortland, and Holly M. Cofojohn, 25, of same.

Wilfred L. Lohr, 56, of 400 North Road S.E.,Warren, and Debra J. Guyer,39, of same.

William J. Rager, 34, of 440 Prindle St., Sharon, Pa., and Michele L. Mellott, 38, of same.

Randy O. Casterline, 41, of 803 Greenlawn Ave., Warren, and Teresa M. Yuhas, 52, of same.

Brad R. Doan, 22, of 2391 Anna St.,Warren, and Jennifer L. Kirkwood, 23, of same.

Daniel E. Mazzi, 45, of 1069 Eastland S.E., Warren, and Cathy C. Miller, 46, of 232 Sprigger Drive, Munroe Falls, Ohio.

David M. Stevens, 29, of 5461 Warren Sharon Road, Vienna, and Melissa R. Flanigan, 28, of 212 St. John, Niles.

Dr. Jeremiah J. Ferrara, 24, of 5800 Sampson Drive, Girard, and Dr. Melissa A. Valantine, 27, of same.

Joel M. Bator, 30, of 1014 Bailey Anderson Road, Leavittsburg, and Nicole M. Durig, 22, of 1294 Edgewood St. N.E., Warren.

Elmo E. Rutan, 57, of 664 Nebraska Ave., Niles, and Carmella L. Reider 45, of same.

Stuart A. Gladstone, 53, of 8649 Hunters Trail S.E., Warren, and Jamie L. Taylor, 48, of 2558 Monaco Terrace, Palm Beach, Fla.

Matthew J. Richardson, 28, of 2944 Williamsburg, Warren, and Janell T. Martin, 28, of 2831 Parkman Road, # 96, Warren.

David M. Hylton, 25, of 311-H Killarney Court, Lynchburg, Va., Christina L. Palm, 25, of same.

John R. Slimmer, 34, of 207 Churchill Road, Apt. 13, Girard, and Lenora J. Keener, 39, of 612 North Ave., Girard.

Scott D. Cohagan, 30, of 1550 Barns Lane, Bellefonte, Pa., and Tracy L. Conklin, 31, of same.

Jason D. Wolfinger, 30, of 3281 Parkman Road, Southington, and Stacie D. Givens, 31, of same.

Ronald G. Barnes, 41, of 2178 Peace Ave., Warren, and Alethea M. Martin 29, of 768 Baker Ave., Warren.

Thomas A. Medve, Jr., 24, of 1763 Niles Cortland Road, S.E.,Warren, and Jennifer R. Kagarise, 24, of 20 Hartzell Ave., Warren.

James A. DíErrico, 29, 234 Russell Ave., Niles, and Sarah E. Matheny, 30, of same.

Joseph M. Lippillo, 47, of 198 Crumlin Ave., Girard, and Angela M. Pizzulo, 49, of same.

James A. Mocny, 48, of 4764 Hillcrest Drive, Mantua, and Holly J. Maggiano, 41, of 8565 Hunters Trail, Warren.

Joseph E. Goins, 33, of 19 Potomac Ave., Niles, and Rebecca L. Newman, 38, of same.

Marcus G. Carlson, 24, of 2325 Plaza Ave., Warren, and Stephanie Jo Benden, 24, of same.

Jerry L. Green Jr., 27, of 2770 Orchard S.E., Warren, and Tracy S. Rosenberger, 27, of same.

Rodney L. Brown, 32, of 41 Cyrus Ave., Hubbard, and Vera A. McCree , 28, of same.

Brian A. Pospisil, 18, of 72 Queens Drive, Lordstown, and Nicole R. Mihlbach, 20, of same.

Charles E. Grounds, 59, of 1407 Maplewood N.E., Warren, and Marilyn L. Allen, 61, of 112 Woodland Trace, Cortland.

Roger S. Armintrout, 43, of 3818 Selkirk-Bush Road, Newton Falls, and Brenda J. Walton, 40, of 2037 Ohltown-Girard Road, Mineral Ridge.

Waymon Harris, 34, of 486 Comstock, Warren, and Alexis A. Graham, 33, of 5626 Radcliffe Ave., Youngstown.

David W. Keener, 41, of 431 Washington St., N.E., Warren, and Sandra J. Grove , 51, of same.

John J. Grabowski, 26, of 415 Central Parkway S.E., Warren, and Marianne P. Viga, 24, of 1010 Gary Ave., Girard.

Emmanual U. Brown, 23, of 4400 Berkshire Apt. 203, Warren, and Amanda L. Yonker, 23, of same.

Michael L. Culver, 36, of 1151 Niles Cortland Road, N.E., Warren, and Marie E. Friend, 32, of 269 Mulberry Ave. N.W.,Warren.

Jamie E. Bland, 25, of 4573 Eagle Creek Road, Leavittsburg, and Amanda R. Ainsley, 23, of 160 Frostwood Drive, Cortland.

Syam B. Stoll, 35, 1220 S. Park Drive, Huntington, W.V., and Gwen A. Lunders, 33, of same.

William A. Hopper Sr., 28, of 21 Wilderness Court, Warren, and Julie A. Lewis, 27, of same.

Jerry L. Null, 64, of 1865 Brittany Oaks Trail, Warren, and Carole K. Hocevar, 61, of same.

Matthew S. Clark, 18, of 1102 Farimont Circle, Brookfield, and Jessica L. E. Blake, 19, of same.

Richard E. Dinunzio Jr., 24, of 645 Saint Claire Ave. #2, Newton Falls, and Shelleena J. Connel, 24, of same.

David J. Pawloski Sr., 28, of 7910 Second St., Masury, and Nadine M. Bayus, 24, of same.

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