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Published: Mon, May 31, 2004


Marriage licenses

Juan Gonzalez Jr., 42, of 517 Fourth St., Struthers, and Tina L. Pastore, 30, of same.

Jerret J. Kolesar, 25, of 7709 Spring Park, Boardman, and Erin M. Rosa, 28, of 273 N. Heights, #5, Youngstown.

Michael W. Kelty, 25, of 6921 Blue Ridge Drive, Poland, and Merry K. Heineman, 25, of 225 N. Union Ave., Salem.

Nicholas T. Nolfi, 21, of 660 W. Wood St. Ext., Lowellville, and Amanda L. Lordi, 21, of same.

Philip A. Wilson, 26, of 5002 Westchester Drive, #6, Austintown, and Teri J. Hull, 25, of 7764 Herbert Road, Canfield.

Ernest T. Overby, 44, of 59 Milton Ave., Youngstown, and Bonnie J. Smith, 37, of same.

Frank D. Zupko, 47, of 2169 Windsor Ave., Youngstown, and Beth J. Anderson, 46, of 2540 Gladwae Drive, Youngstown.

Michael J. Snyder, 30, of 168 Homestead, Boardman, and Sammi J. Michael, 22, of same.

Robert C. Lane Jr., 35, of 4841 Erie St., Boardman, and Brianne M. Sexton, 23, of 861 Lisbon Road, Salem.

Andrew K. Kornbau, 29, of 135 Chris Ave., Washingtonville, and Kerri A. Gries, 26, of 42 Carter Circle, #4, Boardman.

Elden A. Bailey Jr., 43, of 14557 Ellsworth Road, Berlin Center, and Daneen M. Mace, 37, of 4884 Westchester Drive, #1, Austintown.

Charles B. Ketler Sr., 55, of 20721 N. Benton W. Road, North Benton, and Kelly L. Kubeck, 35, of same.

Dennis E. Matherly, 45, of 6000 Yorktown Lane, Austintown, and Barbara J. Miller, 50, of same.

David J. Krawchyk, 27, of 5572 Shields Road, Canfield, and Jennifer L. Muntean, 25, of 2094 Lyons Blvd., Poland.


State of Ohio vs. Joshua Hansen, ordered that all previous community control sanctions be reimposed.

State of Ohio vs. Jerome D. Williams, two years community control; one year drivers license suspension.

Howard W. Mounts et al vs. Linda J. Galanses et al, settled and dismissed.

Manufacturers and Traders vs. Monique Phifer et al, confirming sheriffs sale.

Denise Pusey vs. Mahoning County et al, settled and dismissed.

Louis Zarlenga vs. Chase Manhattan Bank et al, judgment for plaintiff.

First Place Bank vs. James G. Heinbaugh et al, foreclosure.

Novastar Mtg. Inc. vs. Mohamed Hdedan et al, foreclosure.

Kangol Headwear Co. vs. WMW Investment Group, judgment for plaintiff.

Cynthia Jackson et al vs. Garnett Dunston et al, dismissed.

State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins. Co. et al vs. Rosetta Y. Walton, dismissed.

Nelllie B. Byrd vs. Michael D. Bestic et al, settled and dismissed.


Will of Horace Starks: estate to wife, Fannie M.

Will of John P. Schragal: estate to daughter, Kathleen A. Cunningham; with special bequests.

Real estate

E. Marlene Duffy to Holley W. Dubois, Youngstown, $74,900.

Dean Pazzooli to Scott Genova, Austintown Twp., $103,000.

Mark Cole to Myron McIntosh, Austintown Twp., $70,000.

Helen Beraduce trustee to David Bennett, Youngstown, $108,000.

Mill Creek Land Corp. to Mill Creek Homes Ltd., Canfield City, $36,900.

B. John Pieroz et al to Margaret A. James et al, Poland Twp., $190,000.

Mill Creek Land Corp. to Mill Creek Homes Ltd., Canfield City, $34,900.

P.M.D. Builders Ltd. to Charlotte Thillberg Tyree, Austintown Twp., $138,000.

Michael Sharpe et al to V.T. Carney Ltd., Poland School District, $197,500.

Evelyn G. Vitanovich to Michael Spiuotopoulos, Campbell, $62,000.

Larry K. Brogan et al to Debra A. McNutt, Smith Twp., $150,000.

Lucille H. Seldon to Lillie B. North et al, Youngstown, $525.

Ronald A. Glunt et al to Cedant Mobility Financial Corp., Canfield Twp., $340,000.

Cedant Mobility Financial Corp. vs. Joseph P. McKenna et al, Canfield Twp., $340,000.

Karen L. Thompson to Tim Slaton et al, Youngstown, $65,170.

Nicholas Matesi et al to Timothy Haniford et al, Canfield Twp., $162,500.

James Oldo Jr. et al to Jon S. Jones et al, West Branch School District, $73,500.

Pledged Property II Inc. to Ralph Delsegnore et al, South Range School District, $113,000.

Mousa Kassis et al to Earl Martin et al, Youngstown, $8,500.

Charlotte Italiano to Thomas R. Bulick, Youngstown, $35,000.

Anthony J. Possage to Lindsay Miller, Youngstown, $63,500.

Charles P. Smith et al to Alan D. Wolfe et al, Poland School District, $67,000.

Jerry Brewer et al to Sean Fyock, Austintown Twp., $105,000.

Janet R. Grisdale et al to Pamela S. Lescsak, Austintown Twp., $40,000.

Sylvester Family Ltd. Partnership to Central Behavioral Health Inc., Boardman Twp., $200,000.

Kevin L. Elliott et al to Joseph D. Ogden et al, Poland Twp., $180,000.

Jacqueline Barnett et al to Chris Joss et al, Poland Twp., $22,000.

Thelma A. Hunt et al to REIF 032303 Ltd., Austintown Twp., $49,000.

Oakmont Properties to Michael Marlow et al, Campbell, $43,000.

David J. Rischar et al to Philip Denny, Canfield Twp., $137,000.

James H. Beck trustee to Donald R. Bucci et al, Poland Village, $75,000.

Carlos E. Machuga et al to Aaron N. Meyers et al, Canfield City, $196,900.

Bank One to Good Neighbor Properties LLC, Youngstown, $8,000.

J. T. Enterprises to James R. Linder et al, Youngstown, $43,000.

Ricottilli Construction Co. Inc. to Irwin Schwartz, Canfield Twp., $139,900.

Michael J. Magliocca et al to Anthony J. Reeby et al, Austintown Twp., $77,900.

DSC Properties Inc. to Jeremy W. Mackall et al, Goshen Twp., $22,000.

The Home Savings & Loan Co. of Youngstown to Thomas E. Roller et al, Beaver Twp., $33,500.

Stefano Homebuilders LLC to Shannon Bruner, Canfield Twp., $261,300.

Lee W. Stoneburner to Ronald M. Nelson et al, Beaver Twp., $38,000.

Adam Fusillo to Randy Ramos Paredes, Youngstown, $24,000.

Frances North to JAB Investments Inc., Youngstown, $9,000.

Thomas E. Jockman et al to Barbara A. Citizen, Youngstown, $100,000.

Lydia C. Evans to Scott W. Baird, Boardman Twp., $64,000.

Federal Home Loan Management Corp. to Audrey L. Showers, Youngstown, $36,500.


Bankruptcies/Chapter 7

Richard S. Novakovich, aka Richard Novak, 120 Robinson Road, Campbell, truck driver, ABC Trucking; liabilities, $83,713; assets, $26,980.

Nadine D. Armour, 262 E. Auburndale Ave., Youngstown, packer, MYCAP; liabilities, $14,460; assets, $2,000.

Milagrito I. Aponte, 2528 Stocker Ave., Youngstown, none; liabilities, $36,466; assets, $13,928.

Tammy L. Bednar, 119 Milton Ave., Youngstown, office assistant, Forum Health At Home; liabilities, $66,979; assets, $40,823.

Kenneth R. Double, 6861 Lockwood Blvd., Apt. 122, Boardman, cashier, Truck World; liabilities, $36,643; assets, $550.

Suzanne D. Greenwalt, 1901 Lansdowne Blvd., Youngstown, textiles supervisor, Goodwill Industries; liabilities, $41,528; assets, $9,260.

William R. Fitzpatrick, 4141 Rush Blvd., Apt. 2, Boardman, cook, MVR; liabilities, $21,869; assets, $1,360.

Michelle Mundell, 113 S. Edgehill Ave., Austintown, nursing assistant, St. Joseph Health Center; liabilities, $43,676; assets, $29,606.

Mary Lee Crockett, 74 Oneta Ave., Youngstown, none; liabilities, $59,714; assets, $18,900.

Silas N. Crockett, 74 Oneta Ave., Youngstown, none; liabilities, $51,305; assets, $365.

Lillian D. Bannarn, 2657 Tyrell St., #6, Youngstown, nurse's aide, Meridian Arms Living Center; liabilities, $17,229; assets, $3,975.

Kevin L. Cobbin, 1720 Josephine Ave., Youngstown, none; liabilities, $16,234; assets, $1,500.

Samantha L. Rotz, 54 Ridgeway St., Struthers, case worker, Trumbull County Children Services; liabilities, $103,359; assets, $43,000.

David McClain, 317 S. Hazelwood Ave., Youngstown, carpet layer, Kosic Brothers; liabilities, $66,801; assets, $40,025.

Kathleen Craine, 500 Fourth St., Struthers, office manager, Struthers License Bureau; liabilities, $86,491; assets, $51,555.

Bankruptcies/Chapter 13

Edward J. and Delores M. Bernat, 4072 St. Andrews Court, #4, Canfield, and P.O. Box 404, Canfield, he: retired, General Motors Corp.; she: homemaker; liabilities, $161,408; assets, $115,919.

Jonathan J. Sr. and Brenda E. Clark, 853 Lanterman Ave., Youngstown, he: retired; she: Lear; liabilities, $88,866; assets, $63,935.

John C. Jr. and Diana L. Perry, 2638 Poland Village Blvd., Poland, he: retired, General Motors Corp.; she: customer service, DeBala & Company; liabilities, $103,963; assets, $119,156.

Edward M. Brajkovich, 655 Penhale Ave., Campbell, retired; liabilities, $58,457; assets, $38,060.


New complaints

Discover Bank vs. John Hartford, money.

American Express Travel vs. Heather Harker, money.

MBNA America Bank vs. Johnnie Rogers, money.

Shuster's Building Components vs. Eajo, money.

Absolute Pharmacy vs. Bammie Williams, money.

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